CET is committed to being at the cutting edge of bespoke Initial Teacher Education programmes in East and South East London. A strong partnership of local schools and HEIs allows us to equip trainees with the knowledge and understanding, skills and attributes required to successfully teach in a vibrant, global inner-city context so that the pupils in our care thrive both academically and pastorally.


The values by which we operate underpin everything we offer at CET. We are committed to providing professional learning programmes through which initial teacher trainees will:

  • Learn from experienced practitioners about teaching in an inner-city context and what this means for their own classroom practice.
  • Share our commitment to social justice and recognise the hard work and creativity required to overcome social and economic disadvantage.
  • Develop as reflective practitioners whom appreciate that classroom practice is determined by the specific and changing needs of their pupils.
  • Work collaboratively with their peers to learn about core pedagogy and to explore how this is applied and adapted for their specific classes.
  • Have the opportunity to teach in, and learn from different school settings within the partnership, including single and mixed gender education, enabling them to reflect on the similarities and differences of different school settings.
  • Receive high quality mentoring and coaching from expert practitioners.
  • Work with colleagues from our HEI links to further enhance their experience.