We believe that the experience we provide all of our trainees is thorough and unique, and they leave us more than prepared for whatever their next position might be. It’s important though to hear it from them, and not just from us. As part of the ongoing monitoring of CET we ask for feedback from everyone that takes part in one of our programmes. Here are just a selection of the comments from previous trainees.

Dominic said...

As a trainee with previous experience, the School Direct (Salaried) programme provided me with more adaptive and challenging training than other options. School Direct provided me with an environment more suited to developing my previous experience into more honed skills without losing the pace of a school’s daily routine. I felt more confident in challenging myself to new levels, by being enabled to teach classes much quicker than alternative training options.  I was able to find my feet in situations that may previously have been daunting.  Being able to prove myself through the programme definitely made me a more attractive prospect for potential progression within my school.
Dominic Willis
School Direct (Training), Religious Education

Oliver said...

I chose to train with City Excellence in Teaching Partnership because of the incredible reputation for strong outcomes and progress that its component schools have built up over recent years. The schools share an approach which is to support and nurture their trainee teachers to become confident, ambitious and often outstanding practitioners in their subjects. I have certainly felt challenged through my teacher training so far – but at all times supported and offered help and advice by the most experienced and willing of colleagues.
Oliver Hopwood
School Direct (Salaried), Modern Foreign languages

Alison said...

City Excellence has significantly helped me to immerse myself in teaching. Teaching and studying at the same time is a wonderful opportunity to become the best teacher I can. The immersion in the school environment is for me the best way to succeed and learn. This situation allowed me to build great relationships with my colleagues and the pupils. I strongly recommend City Excellence to receive the best teacher training.
Alison Diemahave
MFL School Direct Salaried City Excellence trainee

Christopher said...

City Excellence has helped me greatly through its emphasis on personalised mentoring, its rigorous CPD programme and through the relationships with other trainees and full time staff which are encouraged and developed by all participants in the training pathway.
Christopher Scott
MFL School Direct Training City Excellence trainee

Lauren said...

Sharing ideas and resources was fantastic. It was brilliant to have the opportunity to hear what others take into consideration when planning and implementing lessons.
Lauren Owens
English School Direct Salaried City Excellence trainee

Frances said...

The experience has been incredibly fruitful and intellectually stimulating. The induction week in which we visited all the schools in the cluster and were introduced to the Tower Hamlets context was a thorough and fascinating preparation for my first term of teaching, and the School-Based Studies and sessions on assessment, feedback and literacy provided me with continuing support and insight throughout the school year. I am really looking forward to continuing at SPWT into my NQT year!
Frances Ellis
English School Direct Salaried City Excellence trainee

Gwilym said...

I have found my training experience at City Excellence both hugely rewarding and enjoyable. From the initial induction week to the various shared training sessions, City Excellence has helped me to become a more informed teacher, affording a greater understanding of the context of Tower Hamlets for our learners.
Gwilym Goulson
History School Direct Salaried City Excellence trainee

Alec said...

There are a lot of options available for Initial Teacher Training out there so, when deciding which to take, I was attracted to City Excellence in Teaching because of the cluster’s success at getting excellent results in inner-city schools. I’m glad to say that this has proven to be an excellent choice. Throughout my training, City Excellence have shared their knowledge and experience of working in Tower Hamlets in an accessible but detailed way. From learning about the geography of the area to understanding its socio-cultural make-up, the support provided has made a potentially difficult start to teaching much easier, as well as helping me to continue to develop my teaching style. A detailed wider CPD programme has also concentrated on a range of topics such as, promoting literacy in lessons, providing practical resources that can be easily applied in a classroom setting. Most important however has been the assistance I have received through an excellent mentoring programme and an amazing cohort of fellow teaching staff and trainees.
Alec Haylor
Music School Direct Training City Excellence trainee

SJ said...

The initial week in school was fantastic: seeing the local area and thinking about the cultural and economic contexts of the students was very interesting. The first week’s seminars were also invaluable as they fed into the lectures and classes that took place at the Institute with the other PGCE students. I feel I started the course better prepared for the rigours of the course because of the first week in school.
SJ Colgate
English School Direct City Excellence trainee

Chloe said...

I applied for the ‘City Excellence in Teaching’ programme as it offered a combination of high quality training alongside the chance to form a more direct relationship with the schools in which I would be working. It offered me the opportunity to work with schools that aim to deliver an exceptional educational experience for their students but who are also clear about the specific needs, challenges and issues facing their pupils. Having worked previously in urban policy and community development I wanted to continue to learn about social issues and gain a deeper understanding of how they could be tackled through education.
Chloe McCarthy
English School Direct City Excellence trainee

Alan said...

The first month spent at my placement school was invaluable, as I learned so much! It was a great opportunity for me to ‘find my feet’ and allowed me to become familiar with how the Faculty worked and the scheme of works in place. I was also able to carry out lots of observations of not only my own subject lessons but subjects across the curriculum. After speaking to my PGCE colleagues at the Institute of Education, I was aware that many of them were ‘champing at the bit’ to get into their placement schools, yet they only actually found out where their first placement would be a week before starting it. As I knew where my placements would be months in advance, I was able to prepare myself better both practically and mentally, which was a big positive for me.
Alan Hepworth
English School Direct Salaried City Excellence trainee